Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World [Shocking List]

The most common thing in the world is a language that changes from area to area and every region, and the country has a different and a huge number of languages. According to the survey report about 7400 languages have been spoken worldwide but there are some languages that are very popular.

Most Spoken Languages in the World

Languages That People Speak Most in the World

10: Punjabi

Punjabi is a well-known language that is spoken worldwide. The people of Pakistan and India used this language. The huge population of Asians resides in Canada and for this reason, this language is also most spoken in Canada as well.

9: French

It is another most popular language in the world. The countries like southern Belgium, Monaco, Western Switzerland, France, and different communities of Canada use this language widely. About 220 million people have spoken this language in the world.

8: Portuguese

It is known as a romantic language of the earth that is also an official language of Cape Verde, Principe, Angola, Portugal, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome. Moreover, it is a co-official language in Macau, Timor, and Equatorial.

7: Bengali

It is a national language of Bangladesh. Bengali is not only most popular language but also spoken in various areas of the world as a Standard Bangla that includes Bengali West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is a second most spoken language in India as the big province of India is a Bengal. There are about 250 million natives and 300 million total Bengali speakers in the world.

6: Russian

It is a most popular and most spoken language worldwide. Russia is one of the biggest countries of the world that contains enough population. It is an official language of Russia and also spoken in various countries such as Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

5: Hindi

India is a second biggest country when it comes to the population as it has more than 130 crores population and its official language is Hindi. The people who used to spoke in Hindi are about 380 million in all over the world that makes this language the most spoken language worldwide.

4: Arabic

It is one of the oldest languages that are spoken not only in Arab countries but it is also spoken in North Africa, and Western Africa. Worldwide, there are about 490 million speakers of this language exist. It is the language of the Quran that is the most popular Holy book of the Muslims that is read and taught in schools and universities of Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and in other countries.

3: Spanish

It is an official language of Spain that is a developed country and it was under the rule of Muslims and had a modern civilization. This language earned more than 500 million speakers in all over the world.

2: English

English is an official and national language of more than 60 countries such as Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Australia, and so on. It is 1400-year-old language and there are more than 850 speakers of this language.

1: Chinese

As everyone is well aware that the China is one of the biggest countries with respect to the population and its official language is Chinese. About 1.2 billion people are Chinese speakers.

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